Herbs with regular perfect flowers, well marked by having a stamen before each petal or lobe of the corolla and inserted on the tube. Ovary 1-celled, the placenta rising from the base. Style 1; stigma 1.

Synopsis Of The Genera

* Stemless. Leaves all in a cluster from the root.

1. Primula. Flowers in an umbel at the summit of a simple scape.

Corolla salver-shaped or funnel-form, open at the throat. Stamens 5, included.

2. Andros'ace. Flowers very small, white, in an umbel at the summit of a scape. Corolla salver-shaped or funnel-form, constricted at the throat. Stamens included. - N.W.

3. Dodecath'eon. Flowers showy, rose-coloured or white, in an umbel at the summit of a scape. Corolla reflexed, 5-parted. Stamens exserted, connivent in a slender cone. - N.W.

* * Sterna leafy. Corolla rotate, wanting in Glaux.

4. Trienta'lis. Leaves in a whorl at the summit of a slender erect stem. Calyx usually 7-parted, the lobes pointed. Corolla usually 7-parted, spreading, without a tube. Filaments united in a ring below. Flowers usually only one, white and star-shaped.

5. Lysimaoh'ia. Leafy-stemmed. Flowers yellow, axillary or in a terminal raceme. Calyx usually 5-parted. Corolla wheel-shaped, mostly 5-parted, and sometimes polypetalous.

6. Glaux. A fleshy herb with purplish and white axillary flowers.

Corolla wanting, the calyx petal-like. - Atl. Prov.

7. Anagal'lis. Low and spreading. Leaves opposite or whorled, entire. Flowers variously coloured, solitary in the axils. Calyx 5-parted. Corolla wheel-shaped, 5-parted. Filaments bearded.

8. Sam'olus. Smooth and spreading, 6-10 inches high. Corolla bellshaped, 5-parted, with 5 sterile filaments in the sinuses. Calyx partially adherent to the ovary. Flowers very small, white, racemed. Leaves alternate.

1. Prim'ula. L. Primrose. Cowslip

1. P. farino'sa, L. (Bird's eye P.) Lower surface of the leaves covered with a white mealiness. Corolla lilac with a yellow centre. - Shores of Lake Huron and northward.

2. P. Mistassin'ica, Michx. Leaves not mealy. Corolla flesh-coloured, the lobes obcordate. - Shores of the Upper Lakes, and northward.

2. Andros' Ace

Tourn. A. septentriona'lis, L. Almost glabrous, 2-10 inches high. Leaves lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, narrowed at the base, toothed. Bracts of the involucre awl-shaped. - N.W.

3. Dodecath'eon

L. American Cowslip D. Mead ia, L. (Shooting-Star.) Smooth. Leaves oblong or spathulate. Flowers nodding on slender pedicels. - N.W.

4. Trienta'lis

L. Chickweed-Wintergreen.r T. America'na, Pursh. (Star-Flower.) Leaves thin and veiny, lanceolate, tapering towards both ends. Petals pointed. - Moist woods.

5. Lysimach'ia. Tourn. Loosestrife

1. L. thyrsiflo'ra, L. (Tufted Loosestrife.) Flowers in spike-like clusters from the axils of a few of the upper leaves. Petals lance-linear, purplish-dotted, as many minute teeth between them. Leaves scale-like below, the upper lanceolate, opposite, sessile, dark-dotted. - Wet swamps.

2. L. Stricta, Ait. Flowers on slender pedicels in a long terminal raceme. Petals lance-oblong, streaked with dark lines. Leaves opposite, lanceolate, acute at each end, sessile, dark-dotted. - Low grounds.

3. L. quadrifo'lia, L. Flowers on long slender peduncles from the axils of the upper leaves. Petals streaked. Leaves in whorls of 4 or 5, ovate-lanceolate, dark-dotted. - Sandy-soil.

4. L. ciliata, L. (Steironema ciliatum, Raf., in Macoun's Catalogue.) Flowers nodding on slender peduncles from the upper axils. Petals not streaked or dotted. Leaves opposite, not dotted, ovate-lanceolate, pointed, cordate at the base, on long fringed petioles. - Low grounds.

5. L. longifo'lia, Walt. (Steironema longifolium, Gray, in Macoun's Catalogue.) Petals not streaked or dotted. Stem-leaves sessile, narrowly linear, 2-4 inches long, the margins sometimes revolute. Stem 4-angled. - Moist soil, western Ontario.

6. L. lanceolata, Walt. (Steironema lanceolatum, Gray.) Stem erect, 1-2 feet high. Leaves lanceolate to oblong and linear, narrowed into a short margined petiole, or the lowest short and broad on long petioles, not dotted. Petals not streaked or dotted. - S. W. Ontario.

7. L. nummularia, L., (Money-wort), has escaped from gardens in a few places. Stem trailing and creeping, smooth. Leaves roundish, small, opposite. Peduncles axillary, 1-flowered. - Damp places.

6. Glaux

Tourn. G. marit'ima, L. (Sea-Milkwort.) A fleshy herb, with usually opposite, oblong, entire, sessile leaves. Flowers single in the axils, nearly sessile. Calyx bell-shaped, 5-cleft, purplish and white. Corolla wanting. Stamens 5, on the base of the calyx. Capsule 5-valved, few-seeded. - Sea-shore, Atl. Prov.

7. Anagal'lis. Tourn. Pimpernel

A. arven'sis, L. (Common Pimpernel.) Petals obovate, fringed with minute teeth, mostly bluish or purplish. Flowers closing at the approach of rain. Leaves ovate, sessile. - Sandy fields and garden soil.

8. Sam'olus

L. Tourn. Water-Pimpernel. Brook-weed.

S. Valeran'di, L., var. America'nus, Gray. Stem slender, diffusely branched. The slender pedicels each with a bractlet at the middle. - Wet places, not common.