Herbs or slightly shrubby plants, with milky juice, opposite simple entire leaves, and regular pentamerous and pentandrous flowers with the lobes of the corolla convolute in the bud. Distinguished by having 2 separate ovaries, but the 2 stigmas united. Calyx free from the ovaries. Anthers converging round the stigmas. Seeds with a tuft of down on the apex. Represented with us only by the Genus

Apo'cynum. Tourn. Dogbane

1. A. androsaemifo'lium, L. (SpreadingDogbane.) The corolla bell-shaped, 5-cleft, pale rose-coloured, the lobes turned back. Branches of the stem widely forking. Flowers in loose rather spreading cymes. Leaves ovate, petioled. Fruit 2 long and slender diverging pods. - Banks and thickets.

2. A cannab'inum, L. (Indian Hemp.) Lobes of the greenish-white corolla not turned back. Branches erect. Cymes closer than in No. 1, and the flowers much smaller. - Along streams, very variable.