Homely herbs, with more or less succulent leaves (chiefly alternate), and small greenish flowers mostly in interrupted spikes. Stamens usually as many as the lobes of the calyx and opposite them. Ovary 1-celled and 1-ovuled, forming an achene or utricle in fruit. Stigmas mostly 2.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Chenopo'dium. Weeds with (usually) mealy leaves, and very small perfect greenish sessile flowers in small panicled spiked clusters. Calyx 5-cleft, more or less enveloping the fruit, and sometimes becoming fleshy and berry-like. Stamens mostly 5, filaments slender.

2. Monol'epis. A low annual, glabrous or somewhat mealy, with small fleshy leaves. Sepal only I, bract-like. Stamen 1. Styles 2. Seed vertical, flattened. - N. W. prairies only.

3. Cyclolo'ma. A much-branched coarse herb, with very small scattered sessile flowers in open panicles. Flowers perfect or pistillate. Calyx 5-cleft, the concave lobes strongly keeled, at length with a broad and continuous horizontal wing. Stamens 5; styles 3. Seed horizontal, flat.

4. At'riplex. Flowers monoecious or dioecious, the staminate with a regular calyx, in spiked clusters; the pistillate without a calyx, but with a pair of appressed bracts.

5. Corisper'mum. Flowers sill perfect, single, and sessile in the axils of the upper leaves, usually forming a spike. Calyx of a single delicate sepal. Low herbs, with linear 1-nerved leaves

6. Salicor'nia. Low saline plants with fleshy leafless jointed stems and opposite branches. Flowers perfect, densely spiked, 3 togetlier sunk in each hollow of the fleshy axis of the spike. Calyx small and bladder-like, with a toothed or torn margin, at length spongy and narrowly wing-bordered. Stamens 1 or 2. Styles 2, united at the base.

7. Suaeda. Fleshy saline plants, with alternate terete linear leaves.

Flowers perfect, sessile in the axils of leafy bracts. Calyx 5-parted, very fleshy. Stamens 5, the anthers exserted. Stigmas 2 or 3. Seed horizontal.

8. Sal sola. A diffusely branching annual, with alternate awl-shaped prickly pointed leaves. Flowers perfect, sessile, with 2 bractlets. Calyx 5-parted, persistent, its divisions at length horizontally winged on the back. Seed horizontal.

1. Chenopo'dium

L. Goosefoot. Pigweed. * Fruiting calyx dry.

1. C. album, L. (Lamb's Quarters.) Stem upright, 1-3 feet high. Leaves varying from rhombic-ovate to lanceolate, more or less toothed, mealy, as are also the dense flower-clusters. - Extremely common in cultivated soil.

2. C. ur'bicum, L. Rather pale and only slightly mealy, 1-3 feet high, branches erect. Leaves triangular, acute, coarsely and sharply many-toothed. Spikes erect, crowded in a long and narrow racemose panicle. - Waste places in towns.

3. C. hy'bridum, L. (Maple-leaved Goosefoot.) Bright green. Stem widely branching, 2-4 feet high. Leaves thin, large, triangular, heart-shaped, sinuate-angled, the angles extended into pointed teeth. Panicles loose, leafless. Plant with a rank unpleasant odour. - Waste places.

4. C. Bot'rys, L. (Jerusalem Oak.) Not mealy, but sticky; low, spreading, sweet-scented. Leaves deeply sinuate, slender-petioled. Racemes in loose divergent corymbs. - Roadsides; escaped from gardens.

5. C. ambrosioi'des, L. (Mexican Tea.) Not mealy, but sticky. Leaves slightly petioled, wavy-toothed or nearly entire. Spikes densely flowered. - Streets of towns.

6. C. glau'cum, L. (Oak-leaved Goosefoot.) Somewhat glaucous-mealy, 5-12 inches high, spreading. Leaves sinu-ately pinnatifid-toothed, oblong, obtuse. Clusters small, in axillary spikes. Seed vertical, exserted, with sharp edges.

7. C. Bonus Henri'cus, L. (Blitum Bonus Henricus, Reichenbach.) (Good-King-Henry.) Stout, erect, 1-2 feet high. Leaves broadly triangular-hastate, slightly sinuate or entire. Flowers somewhat densely paniculate-spiked. Seed vertical, exserted, with blunt edges. Not common.

* * Fruiting calyx fleshy and often coloured.

8. C. Capita'turn, Watson. (Blitum capitatum, L.) (Strawberry Blite.) Stem ascending, branching. Leaves smooth. The axillary head-like clusters bright red in fruit, and resembling strawberries. - Dry soil, margins of woods, etc.

9. C. ru'brum, L. (Blitum maritimum, Nutt.) (Coast Bute.) Stem angled, much-branched. Leaves thickish, acuminate, the upper linear-lanceolate. Flower-clusters scattered in axillary leafy spikes. Stamen 1. - N.W., in saline soil.

2. Monol'epis. Schrad

M. chenopodioi'des, Moq. Branched from the base. Leaves lanccolate-hastate or sometimes narrowly spathu-late, entire or sparingly sinuate-toothed. Flower-clusters often reddish. - N.W.

3. Cyclolo'ma

Moquin. Winged Pigweed. C. platyphyl'lum, Moq. Diffuse, 6-15 inches high, light-green or sometimes purple. - S.W. Ontario.

4. At'riplex. Tourn. Orache

1. A. pat'ulum, L. Erect or diffuse, scurfy, green or rather hoary. Leaves varying from triangular or halberd-shaped to lance-linear, petioled.

Var. hastatum, Gray, has at least the lower leaves broadly triangular-hastate, often toothed. - Atl. Prov. and N.W.

Var. littora'le, Gray, is slender, with leaves linear-lanceolate to linear. - Waste places.

2. A. Nuttal'lii, Watson. A shrubby densely-appressed-scurfy perennial, with oblong-spathulate to narrowly oblanceolate entire leaves. - N.W. only.

5. Corisper'mum

Ant. Juss. Bug-seed. C. hyssopifo'lium, L. Somewhat hairy when young, pale. Stamens 1 or 2. Styles 2. Fruit oval, flat. - Sandy beaches, western and south-western Ontario, and N.W.

6. Salicor'nia

Tourn. Glasswort. Samphire. 1. S. herba'cea, L. (Samphire.) Flowers perfect, in threes, embedded in hollows on the thickened upper joints, amarantaceae. 187 forming an elongated narrow spike. Calyx small and bladder-like, its margin toothed. Stamens 1 or 2. - Salt marshes, Atl. Prov. and N.W.

2. S. mucronata, Bigel., has thick spikes and mucron-ate-pointed scales. Stem turning red when old. - Atl. sea-coast.

Suae'da. Forakal. Sea Bute

S. linea'ris, Moq. (Suceda maritima, Gray.) (Sea Blite.) A branching fleshy herb, with alternate, roundish, linear leaves. Flowers perfect, sessile in the axils of leafy bracts on slender branchlets. Sepals very thick. Stamens 6, with anthers exserted. - Atl. Prov.

8. Sal'sola

L. Saltwort. S. Ka'li, L. (Saltwort.) Flowers perfect, sessile, with two bractlets, single in axils of leaves. Calyx 5-parted. enclosing the depressed fruit. Stamens 5. A branching plant with alternate, awl-shaped, prickly-pointed leaves. - Sandy sea-shore, and rapidly spreading westward.