Shrubs with perfect or dioecious flowers, and leaves which are scurfy on the under surface. The calyx-tube in the fertile flowers becomes fleshy and encloses the ovary, forming a berry-like fruit. Otherwise the plants of this Order are not greatly different from those of the last.

Syn'pis of the Genera.

1. Elaeag'nus. Flowers perfect. Stamens4. Leaves alternate.

2. Shepherd' ia. Flowers aloeci is. Stamens 8 Leaves opposite.

1. Elaeag'nvs

Tourn. E. argen'tea, Pursh. (Silver-Berry.) Shrub 6-12 feet high, the young branches covered with rusty scales. Leaves elliptical to lanceolate, silvery-scurfy. Flowers many, deflexed, silvery outside, pale-yellow within, fragrant. - N.W.

2. Shepherd'ia

Nutt. Shepherdia. S. Canadensis, Nutt. Calyx in sterile flowers 4-parted. Stamens 8. Calyx in fertile flowers urn-shaped, 4-parted. Berries yellow. Branchlets brown - scurfy. Leaves opposite, entire, ovate, green above, silvery-scurfy beneath, the small flowers in their axils. - Gravelly banks of streams and lakes.