Herbs (in Canada), with an acrid watery juice, and alternate palmately compound leaves. Flowers cruciform. Stamens 8 or more. Pod like that of a crucifer, but only 1-celled.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Polanis'ia. Stamens 8 or more. Pod sessile or nearly so.

2. Cleo'me. Stamens 6. Pod long-stalked.

1. Polanis'ia. Raf. Polanisia

1. P. grave'olens, Raf. A strong-scented herb, with a viscid hairy stem. Leaflets 3. Flowers in terminal racemes. Sepals 4. Petals 4, yellowish-white, narrowed below into long claws. Stamens 8-12, exserted. Pod glandular-pubescent, 2 inches long, linear, with a very short stalk. - Shore of Lake Ontario, Hamilton to Niagara.

2. P. tracehysper'ma, Torr, and Gray, has larger flowers and strongly exserted stamens, and a sessile pod. - N.W.

2. Cleo'me

L. C. integrifo'lia, Torr, and Gray. Stem 2-3 feet high, glabrous. Flowers showy, rose-coloured or white, in leafy-bracted racemes. Leaves of 3 lanceolate or oblong leaflets. Stipe of the pod as long as the pedicel of the flower. - Dry clay soil; N.W.