Trees with fibrous bark, soft and white wood, and heart-shaped and serrate leaves, with deciduous stipules. Flowers in small cymes hanging on an axillary peduncle, to which is attached a leaf-like bract. Sepals deciduous. The only Canadian genus is Tilia

L. Basswood. Whitewood. 1. T. America'na, L. (Basswood.) A fine tree, in rich woods. Flowers yellow or cream-coloured, very fragrant. Leaves smooth and green on both sides, obliquely cordate or truncate at the base, sharply serrate. Sepals 5. Petals 5. Fruit a globular nut, 1-celled, 1-2-seeded

2. T. Europae'a, L. The European Linden is planted as a shade tree in some places. It is easily distinguished by the absence of petal-like scales among the stamens, which are present in the native Linden.