Herbs (often strong-scented) with symmetrical flowers, having the parts in fives or threes, the filaments usually united at the base, and glands on the receptacle alternate with the petals. Stigmas 5 or 3. Carpels 5 or 3, each 1-2-ovuled, they and the lower part of the styles attached to an axis which rises from the receptacle. In the fruit the styles split away from the axis, carrying the carpels with them.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Geranium. Stamens 10, all with anthers.

2. Ero'dium. Stamens with anthers, only 5.

3. Floerk'ea. Stamens 6. Sepals, petals, and ovaries 3.

1. Geranium. L. Cranesbill

1. G. maeulatum, L. (Wild C.) Perennial. Stem erect, hairy, about a foot high. Leaves 5-7-parted, the wedge-shaped divisions lobed and cut. Flowers purple, an inch across. Petals entire, bearded on the claw, much longer than the long-pointed sepals. - Open woods and fields.

2. G. inei'sum, Nutt. Perennial. Villous and glandular-pubescent. Leaves 5-7-cleft nearly to the base, the lobes cut into narrow divisions. Petals deep purple. - N. W.

3. G. Carolinia'num, L. (Carolina C.) Not perennial. Stem usually decumbent, hairy. Sepals awn-pointed, as long as the notched rose-coloured petals. - Waste places.

4. G. Robertia'num, L. (Herb Robert.) Not perennial. Stems reddish, spreading, pubescent; branches weak. Leaves 3-divided, or pedately 5-divided, the divisions twice pinnatifid. Sepals awned, shorter than the reddish-purple petals. Plant with a very strong odour. - Shaded ravines and moist woods.

4. G. pusil'lum, L. (Small-flowered C.) Not perennial. , Stem procumbent, slender, minutely pubescent. Leaves rounded, kidney-shaped, deeply 5-7-cleft, the divisions wedge-shaped. Sepals awnless, about the same length as the purplish petals. - Waste places.

2. Ero'dium. L'Her. Storksbill

E. cicutarium, L'Her. Stem low and spreading, hairy. Leaves pinnate, the leaflets sessile, pinnatifid. Peduncles several-flowered. Styles when they separate from the beak bearded on the inside. - Not common.

3. Flcerk'ea. Willd. False Mermaid

F. proserpinacoi'des, Willd. A low tender annual with very small solitary flowers on axillary peduncles. Leaves alternate, pinnate, of 3-5 lanceolate leaflets. - Marshes and river-banks.