Herbs, or slightly woody plants, with opposite or whorled entire leaves, without stipules. Calyx enclosing, but free from, the ovary. Petals and stamens inserted on the calyx, Flowers axillary or whorled. Style 1. Stigma capitate.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Lyth'rum. Petals mostly 6. Stamens mostly 6 or 12. Flowers purple, solitary in the axils, or forming an interrupted spike. Calyx-teeth with projections in the sinuses. Pod oblong, 2-celled.

2. Nesae'a. Petals 5 (rarely 4). Stamens twice as many, in two sets.

Pod 3-5-celled.

1. Lyth'rum

L. Loosestrife. 1. L. alatum, Pursh. Tall and wand-like. Flowers solitary in the upper axils. Calyx-teeth often shorter than the projections between them. Petals deep-purple. - S. W. Ontario.

2. L. Salicaria, L. (Spiked Loosestrife.) More or less downy and tall. Flowers purple, crowded, and forming an interrupted spike. Stamens twice as many as the petals, in two sets. - Atl. Prov. Also at Ottawa and opposite Montreal.

2. Nesae'a. Commerson, Juss. Swamp Loosestrife

N. verticillata, H. B. K. (Dec'odon verticillatus, Ell.) Stems curving, 2-6 feet long, 4-6-sided. Leaves lanceolate, mostly whorled. Flowers purple, in the axils of the upper leaves. Calyx bell-shaped, with 5-7 erect teeth, with supplementary projections between them. Stamens 10, exserted, 5 longer than the rest. - Swamps.