9. Potentilla. L. Clnque-Foil. Flvf-Finger

*Styles thickened and glandular towards the base. Inflorescence cymose.

+ Style arising from near the base of the carpel.

1. P. arguta, Pursh. Stem stout, 1-2 feet high, brownish-hairy. Leaves pinnate, of 7-11 oval serrate leaflets, downy underneath. Flowers in dense cymose clusters. Petals yellowish or cream-coloured, deciduous. Stamens about 30. Plant clammy above. - Dry thickets.

+ + Style arising from the top of the carpel.

2. P. Norve'gica, L. (Norway Cinque-foil.) Stem erect, hairy, branching above. Leaves palmate, of 3 leaflets; leaflets obovate-oblong, coarsely serrate. Flowers in cymose clusters. Calyx large. Petals pale yellow, small, not longer than the sepals. Stamens about 15. - Fields and low grounds.

3. P. riva'lis, Nutt., var. millegra'na, Watson. More slender and branching than the last, softly villous. Leaves all of 3 serrate leaflets. Cymes loose. Calyx small. Petals yellow, minute. Stamens 10-20, rarely 5. - N.W.

4. P. paradox'a, Nutt., (P. supi'na, L.) a plant of spreading or decumbent habit, with pinnate leaves of 5-11 leaflets, loose leafy cymes, small petals, as long as the sepals, and achenes with an appendage at the base, occurs along the western shore of Lake Ontario.

5. P. Pennsylvan'ica, L. Perennial; more or less white-woolly. Leaflets 5-9, white-woolly beneath, less so above, cut-pinnatifid, the segments linear. Stamens about 25. - Chiefly eastward and N.W.

Var. strigo'sa, Pursh, is silky-woolly throughout, 6-12 inches high. Leaflets deeply pinnatifid, the margins of the narrow lobes revolute. Cyme short and close. - N.W.

6. P. reeta, L. Perennial, tall, sparingly villous, glandu-lar-puberulent. Leaves palmate, of 5-7 leaflets, the latter cut-pinnatifid. Flowers yellow, large, in a broad cyme. - Not common.

* * Styles filiform, not glandular at the base. Inflorescence cymose.

+ Style arising from the top of the carpel.

7. P. Hippia'na, Lehm. Densely white-tomentose throughout. Stem, slender. Leaves pinnate, of 5-11 leaflets, diminishing regularly down the petiole. Leaflets sharply toothed at least at the apex. Stamens 20. - N.W.

Var. pulcher'rima, Watson, has the upper surfaces of the crowded leaflets green and pubescent. - N.W.

8. P. effu'sa, Dougl. Tomentose throughout, with scattered villous hairs. Stems diffusely branched above, 4-12 inches high. Leaflets 5-11, interruptedly pinnate. Carpels 10. - N.W.

9. P. Platten'sis, Nutt. Stems decumbent. Pubescence appressed silky-villous throughout. Leaflets 7-13, crowded, deeply cut-pinnatifid into linear segments. Flowers few. Carpels many. - N.W.

10. P. gra'cilis, Dougl. Stems 2-3 feet high. Leaves palmate, of about 7 leaflets, the latter serrate, tomentose beneath, green above. Carpels many. - N.W.

Var. flabellifor'mis, Torr, and Gray, has very deeply pinnatifid leaflets. - N.W.

Var. rig'ida, Watson, is villous, but not tomentose, and usually tall and stout. - N.W.

11. P. pilo'sa, Willd., is distinguished from the preceding species by its tall rigid stems and light yellow flowers. - Niagara Falls, not common.

12. P. argen'tea, L. (Silvery C.) Stem ascending, branched at the summit, white-woolly. Leaves palmate, of 5 leaflets, the latter deeply serrate towards the apex, with revolute margins, and woolly beneath. Petals yellow, longer than the sepals. - Dry fields and roadsides.

13. P. humifu'sa, Nutt. Stems decumbent, 2-4 inches long, slender. Densely white-tomentose. Leaflets 5, serrate at the rounded or truncate apex with 3 or 5 teeth. - N.W.

+ + Style arising from the side of the carpel.

14. P. frutico'sa, L. (Shrubby C.) Stem erect, shrubby, 1-3 feet high, much branched. Leaves pinnate, of 5-7 leaflets, closely crowded, entire, silky, especially beneath. Flowers numerous, large, yellow, terminating the branches. - Bogs.

15. P. tridentata, Ait., (Three-toothed C.) is common eastward towards the sea-coast. Stem 4-6 inches high. Leaves rigid, palmate, of 3 wedge-shaped leaflets, 3-toothed at the apex. Petals white.

16. P. palustris, Scop. (Marsh Five-finger.) Stem ascending. Leaves pinnate, of 5-7 lanceolate, crowded, deeply serrate leaflets, whitish beneath. Calyx an inch broad, dark purple inside. Petals purple. - Bogs.

* * * Styles filiform, lateral. Peduncles axillary, solitary, 1-flowered.

17. P. Anseri'na, L. (Silver-weed.) A low plant, creeping with slender runners. Leaves all radical, interruptedly pinnate; leaflets 9-19, serrate, green above, silvery-silky beneath. Flowers solitary, on long scape-like peduncles, bright yellow. - River and lake margins.

18. P. Canaden'sis, L. (Canada C.) Stem prostrate or ascending, silky-hairy. Leaves palmate, of 5 leaflets, the latter serrate towards the apex. Flowers solitary. Petals yellow, larger than the sepals. - Dry soil.

10. Chamae' Rhodos

Bunge. C. erecta, Bunge. Stem slender, 2-12 inches high, branching above. Radical leaves many-cleft, forming a rosette; cauline ones 3-5-cleft. - N.W. prairies.

11. Fragaria. Tourn. Strawberry

1. F. Virginia'na, Ehrhart. Achenes deeply imbedded in pits on the surface of the fleshy receptacle; calyx erect after flowering. Leaflets firm.

2. F. ves'ea, L. Achenes not sunk in pits, but merely on the surface of the receptacle; calyx spreading. Leaflets thin.

12. Dalibar'da. L. Dalibarda

D. repens, L. (Rubus Dalibarda, L., in Macoun's Catalogue.) Stems tufted, downy. Whole plant with something of the aspect of a violet. - Low woods.