Tail, any slender prolongation.

Terete, cylindrical.

Terminal, at the apex.

Ternate, in threes.

Tetradynamoas, with four long stamens and two short ones.

Throat, the entrance to the tube of a calyx or corolla.

Thyrse, a compact panicle.

Thyrsold, like a thyrse.

Tomentose, woolly.

Transverse, across.

Tri-, a prefix meaning three or thrice.

Trifoliolate, having three leaflets. Truncate, as if cut off square across the end.

Tuber, the enlarged end of an underground stem. Tubercle, a small tuber-like body.

Tuberous, having the appearance of a tuber.

Tunicated, having coats one within another.

Twining, winding spirally about a support.


Umbel, a flower-cluster with radiating pedicels.

Umbellate, umbel-like.

Umbellet, a secondary umbel.

Undulate, wavy.

Urceolate, urn-shaped.

Utricle, an indehiscent 1-seeded fruit, with a thin loose pericarp.


Valvate, with the edges meeting but not overlapping.

Valve, one of the pieces into which a capsule splits.

Veins, the threads of fibro-vascular tissue running through the substance of a leaf.

Ventral, belonging to the inferior or lower side. Vernation, the folding of a leaf in the bud.

Versatile, attached by the centre (of the anther) and so able to swing about.

Vertical, upright. Verticillate, whorled. Villous, with long soft hairs. Viscid, sticky.


Whorl, a circle of leaves round a stem.

Wing, a thin expansion bordering any organ; one of the side petals of a papilionaceous corolla.

Woolly, with long matted hairs.

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