Stems. - Slender, trailing, and prostrate. Leaves. - Divided into three clover-like leaflets. Flowers. - Papilionaceous, purplish-pink, veiny. Pod. - Small, rounded, flat, one-seeded.

The flowers of this plant often have the appearance of springing directly from the earth amid a mass of clover leaves. They are common in dry soil in the late summer and autumn, as are the other members of the same genus.

Z. reticulata is an erect, very leafy species with similar blossoms, which are chiefly clustered near the upper part of the stem. The bush clovers betray at once their kinship with the tick-trefoils, but are usually found in more sandy, open places.

Z. polystachya has upright wand-like stems from two to four feet high. Its flowers grow in oblong spikes on elongated stalks. Those of Z. capitata are clustered in globular heads.