About one foot high. Stem. - Much branched, reddish. Leaves - Opposite, aromatic, dotted, smooth, ovate, rounded or heart-shaped at base, set close to the stem. Flowers. - Small, purple, lilac or white, clustered. Calyx. - Five-toothed. Corolla. - Small, two-lipped, the upper lip erect, usually notched, the lower three-cleft. Stamens. - Two, erect, protruding. Pistil. - One, with a two-lobed style.

In late August or early September the delicate flowers of the dittany brighten the dry, sterile banks which flank so many of our roadsides. At a season when few plants are flowering save the omnipresent members of the great Composite family these dainty though unpretentious blossoms are especially attractive. The plant has a pleasant fragrance.