About two feet high. Leaves. - Opposite, long and narrow, pale green, with silky hairs. Flowers. - Rose-purple, large, long-stalked. Calyx-lobes. - Five, long and slender, exceeding the petals. Corolla. - Of five broad petals. Stamens. - Ten. Pistil. - One, with five styles.

In many countries some of the most beautiful and noticeable flowers are commonly found in grain-fields. England's scarlet poppies flood her farm-lands with glorious color in early summer; while the bluets lighten the corn-fields of France. Our grain-fields seem to have no native flower peculiar to them; but often we find a trespasser of foreign descent hiding among the wheat or straying to the roadsides in early summer, whose deep-tinted blossoms secure an instant welcome from the flower-lover if not from the farmer. "What hurte it doeth among corne! the spoyle unto bread, as well in colour, taste, and unwholesomeness, is better known than desired," wrote Gerarde. The large dark seeds fill the ground wheat with black specks, and might be injurious if existing in any great quantity. Its former generic name was Agrostemma, signifying crown of the fields. Its present one of Lychnis, signifies a light or lamp.