Stem. - Climbing and twining over plants and shrubs. Leaves. - Divided into three somewhat four-sided leaflets. Flowers. - Papilionaceous, pale lilac, or purplish, in nodding racemes. Pod. - One inch long.

Along the shadowy lanes which wind through the woods the climbing members of the Pulse family are very abundant. During the late summer and autumn the lonely wayside is skirted by Vines, with clust'ring bunches growing; Plants, with goodly burden bowing.

And in and out among this luxuriant growth twist the slender stems of the ill-named hog pea-nut, its delicate lilac blossoms nodding from the coarse stalks of the golden-rods and iron-weeds or blending with the purple asters.

This plant bears flowers of two kinds : the upper ones are perfect, but apparently useless, as they seldom ripen fruit; while the lower or subterranean ones are without petals or attractiveness of appearance, but yield eventually at least one large ripe seed.