Stems. - Smooth and trailing. Leaves. - Rounded, evergreen, veined with white. Flowers. - White, fragrant, in pairs. Calyx. - Four-toothed. Corolla. - Funnel-form, with four spreading lobes, bearded within. Stamens. - Four. Pistil. - One, its ovary united with that of its sister flower, its four stigmas linear.

At all times of the year this little plant faithfully fulfils its mission of adorning that small portion of the earth to which it finds itself rooted. But only the early summer finds the partridge vine exhaling its delicious fragrance from the delicate sister-blossoms which are its glory. Among the waxy flowers will be found as many of the bright red berries of the previous year as have been left unmolested by the hungry winter birds. This plant is found not only in the moist woods of North America, but also in the forests of Mexico and Japan. It is a near relative of the dainty bluets or Quaker ladies, and has the same peculiarity of dimorphous flowers (p. 232).

Partridge Vine. M. repens.

Plate XXIII. Partridge Vine. M. Repens