' A shrub which usually climbs by means of rootlets over rocks, walls, and trees; sometimes low and erect. Leaves. - Divided into three somewhat four-sided pointed leaflets. Flowers. - Greenish or yellowish-white, small, some perfect, others unisexual; in loose clusters in the axils of the leaves in June. Fruit. - Small, globular, somewhat berry-like, dun-colored, clustered.

This much-dreaded plant is often confused with the beautiful Virginia creeper, occasionally to the ruthless destruction of the latter. Generally the two can be distinguished by the three-divided leaves of the poison ivy, the leaves of the Virginia creeper usually being five-divided. In the late year the whitish fruit of the ivy easily identifies it, the berries of the creeper being blackish. The poison ivy is reputed to be especially harmful during the night, or at any time in early summer when the sun is not shining upon it.