Stems. - Very leafy, six to nine inches high, with cleistogamous flowers on underground runners. Leaves. - Lance-shaped or oblong. Flowers. - Purple-pink, loosely clustered in a terminal raceme. Keel of Corolla. - Crested. Stamens. - Eight. Pistil. - One.

P. polygama.

Plate LXVI. P. polygama

Like its more attractive sister, the fringed polygala, this little plant hides its most useful, albeit unattractive, blossoms in the ground, where they can fulfil their destiny of perpetuating the species without danger of molestation by thievish insects or any of the distractions incidental to a more worldly career. Exactly what purpose the little above-ground flowers, which appear so plentifully in sandy soil in July, are intended to serve, it is difficult to understand.