Stem. - Shrubby, three to five feet high, branching, branches bristly and glandular. Leaves. - Three to five-lobed, the middle lobe prolonged. Flowers. - Purplish-pink, large and showy, two inches broad. Calyx. - Five-parted. Corolla. - Of five rounded petals. Stamens and Pistils. - Numerous. Fruit. - Reddish, resembling the garden raspberry.

This flower betrays its relationship to the wild rose, and might easily be mistaken for it, although a glance at the undivided leaves would at once correct such an error. The plant is a decorative one when covered with its showy blossoms, constantly arresting our attention along the wooded roadsides in June and July.

Purple Flowering Raspberry.   R. odoratus.

Plate LXVII. Purple-Flowering Raspberry. - R. odoratus

Purple Flowering Raspberry Rubus Odoratus Rose Fam 87