Stem. - Simple, hairy, producing offsets from the base. Root-leaves. - Somewhat rounded or wedge-shaped. Stem-leaves. - Somewhat oblong, lance - shaped, partly clasping. Flower - heads. - Rather large, on slender flower-stalks, composed of both strap-shaped and tubular flowers, the former (ray-flowers) bluish-purple, the latter (disk-flowers) yellow.

Robin's Plantain.   E. bellidifolius

Plate LXXXVI. Robin's Plantain. - E. bellidifolius

This is one of the earliest members of the Composite family to make its appearance, that great tribe being usually associated with the late summer months. The flower might easily be taken for a purple aster which had mistaken the season, or for a blue daisy, as one of its common names suggests. E. Philadelphicus is a later very similar species with smaller flower-heads.