A shrub from three to ten feet high. Leaves. - Oblong. Flowers. - White, clustered, appearing after the leaves. Calyx-lobes. - Minute. Corolla. - White, five-lobed, the clammy tube much longer than the lobes. Stamens. - Usually five, protruding. Pistil. - One, protruding.

The fragrant white flowers of this beautiful shrub appear in early summer along the swamps which skirt the coast, and occasionally farther inland. The close family resemblance to the pink azalea (PL LXV) will be at once detected. On the branches of both species will be found those abnormal, fleshy growths, called variously "swamp apples" and "May apples," which are so relished by the children. Formerly these growths were attributed to the sting of an insect, as in the "oak apple; " now they are generally believed to be modified buds.