The members of the family Clathraceae. have a volva similar to the volva of the Phallaceoe. The volva ruptures, and the receptacle issues in a similar manner. The members of this family have the spore receptacle latticed or branched instead of tubular or cylindrical, and bear the spores on the inner surface of the receptacle rather than on the outer surface.

Latticed Clathrus

Clathrus cancellatus

Receptacle not stalked. The bars of the lattice-work are oblique and transversely wrinkled. The outer surface may be cinnabar red or white or yellowish. The inner surface of the bars is red.

Clathrus columnatus

Receptacle not stalked, consisting of from 2-5 vertical columns, separate below, but jointed at the apex. Columns cinnabar red, enclosing the spore mass. Odour very fetid.

Anthurus borealis

Receptacle stalked, hollow, divided above into arms, which do not join at their apices, and which bear the spore masses on their inner surfaces, enclosing the spore mass when young, but later diverging.

Stem of receptacle white ; arms narrow lance-shaped, with pale flesh-coloured backs, traversed their entire length by a shallow furrow. Can-cel-la-tus An-thu'-rus

Clath'-riis Co1-um-na-tus Bo-re- a-lis

C. cancellatus

C. cancellatus.

Offensive Fungi

Offensive Fungi.

Simblum rubescens

Simblum rubescens.

Receptacle stalked and globular, bars of the lattice forming meshes of about equal diam-eter either way. Red or flesh coloured, and transversely wrinkled.

Sim'-blum Ru-bes -cens