The members of this group have neither volva nor annulus. The gills grow downward on the stem, the spores are pink, and the stem is fleshy, without a hard and tough rind as in Eccilia. There are fourteen American species, of which at least two species are edible.

En-to-1o'-ma No-la-ne-a Ec-cil'-I-a

Lep-to'-nl-a Vol-va'-ri-a Cli-to-pi'-lus

The Fawn Coloured Pluteus (EDiBle)

The Fawn-Coloured Pluteus (EDiBle).

(Pluteus cervinus, Schaeff.)

Nat. size: Cap diam., 3 1/2. inches; stem length, 3 inches

Inky Coprinus (Edible) (Coprinus 'Uramentarius. Fries. Nat. size)

Inky Coprinus (Edible) (Coprinus 'Uramentarius. Fries. Nat. size).

Black-spored Series