Seed, Plate 27, Fig. 25.

Couch Grass is strongly perennial, with a widely running root-stock and numerous leafy shoots which form large matted beds. It is similar to Western Wheat Grass in its mode of growth but differs in being brighter green and having smaller spikelets. It is a native of Europe and has unfortunately been introduced into Canada, in the eastern districts of which it has become well established. Although of some agricultural value, it is one of the most noxious weeds and should be carefully guarded against.

I know precisely that for either object, whether to bring the weeds and quitch grass to the surface and to wither them by scorching heat, or to expose the earth itself to the sun's baking rays, there can be nothing better than to plough the soil up with a pair of oxen during mid-day in summer. - Xenophon, The Economist, 434-355 B.C.