As stated above, Tall Fescue is closely related to Meadow Fescue and cannot be distinguished from it by any fixed botanical characteristics. It is generally a little taller and somewhat coarser in texture. The second growth is heavier, thus making it a good pasture grass. Investigations in the United States indicate that it is more resistant to rust than is Meadow Fescue. But these advantages are offset by its unevenness in maturing, some seeds of a panicle being ripe while others are still soft. It must be cut early to avoid waste, but a great percentage of the seed thus obtained is not ripe and the general quality is rather poor.

It is ill work fighting against heaven. Certainly not by dint of sowing and planting what he himself desires will he meet the needs of life more fully than by planting and sowing what the earth herself rejoices to bear and nourish on her bosom. - Xenophon, The Economist, 434-355 B.C.