The green-dragon is a near relative of Jack-in-the-Pulpit, and posesses similar acrid qualities. It may be distinguished by its solitary leaf, which is characteristically cut into seven to eleven oblong pointed leaflets, and by its long tapering spadix and pointed green spathe. It is found on low grounds in Ontario. It flowers in June.

Arrow Arum (Peltandra Virginica [L.] Kunth.) Arum Family

The arrow arum is a stemless plant found in shallow water in Ontario. It has arrow-shaped leaves, a long green spathe, green berries and thick, fibrous roots. The berries are poisonous.

Water Arum (Calla Palustris L.) Arum Family

This plant of bogs and shallow waters is sometimes called "the wild calla" because of its resemblance and close relation to the well-known cultivated calla. It is a low perennial with a long creeping rootstock bearing long-stalked, heart-shaped leaves, and a solitary scape. It has a short spadix and a white spathe almost as wide as long. The berries are bright red, subtended by the dried white spathe. This plant, which is native to Canada from Nova Scotia to Hudson Bay, also contains poisonous properties. The rootstock is particularly acrid.