Common Names

Sheep-laurel is also called lambkill, sheep-poison. wicky, kill-kid, calf-kill.


The sheep laurel differs from the mountain laurel in its lower stature, in its somewhat narrower leaves, which are commonly opposite or in threes and pale beneath, and in its crimson flowers, which appear later than the fresh green shoots of the season. It is in bloom from June to July.


This species is also native, and is found on hillsides, pastures, and in bogs from Newfoundland, Labrador, to Ontario, and on the Hudson bay.

Poisonous Properties

Of an intensive poisonous nature similar to the mountain laurel. No doubt, other species of Kalmia, including the swamp or pale laurel (Kalmia polifolia Wang.), are equally injurious.

Poisonous Properties 43