Clam Broth in Cups.                        Wafers.

Salmon Sandwiches.                  Olives.

Tongue Salad in Tomatoes.


Strawberry Ice Cream.

Angel Food.                        Chocolate Cake.

Bonbons.              Salted Almonds.

Chicken Sandwiches.                        Olives.

Sweetbread with Peas.

Fruit Salad on Lettuce Leaves.

Cheese Straws.

Coffee.                                   Cake.

Neapolitan Ice Cream.             Cream Cake.

Salted Mixed Nuts.                Bonbons.

Oyster Soup in Cups.                       Wafers.


Chicken Salad.                     Bread.

Lemon Jelly with Nuts.


Banana Ice Cream.             Three-Ply Cake.

Salted Pecans.                     Olives.

Home-made Caramels.