.—Select a shin of beef of five or six pounds' weight, crack the bone, thoroughly wash and place it in a kettle to boil, with five or six quarts of cold water. Let it boil very slowly for about six hours. In this way the stock is prepared, which may be set away for use the next day. Set it on an hour before dinner, add salt and pepper, and one carrot, two turnips, two tablespoonfuls of rice or pearl barley, one head of celery and a teaspoonful of summer savory powdered fine ; the vegetables to be minced up in small pieces. After these ingredients have boiled a quarter of an hour, put in two potatoes cut up in small pieces; let it boil half an hour longer, take the meat from the soup, and, if intended to be served with it, take out the bones and lay it closely and neatly on a dish, and garnish with sprigs of parsley.

The seasoning of this soup is a matter of taste. Some use only salt and pepper, others put in a little mace and some small herbs. Serve very hot.

To make a simpler stock omit the spices and herbs, also the vegetables.