Boiled Potatoes (with the skins).

Select potatoes of uniform size, wash well in salted water and boil till a fork will penetrate with ease to the center of the largest. Then pour off the water, sprinkle with salt, and dry over the fire. Peel quickly and serve in an open dish.

Without the Skins.

Pare very thin, so as to preserve the starch, much of which lies next the skin. To this the mealiness of the potato is due. Leave them half an hour in cold water, then put in slightly salted boiling water and boil gently till tender. Drain, salt, and dry as above. Some varieties of potatoes cook best by putting on in cold water and bringing to a boil; others best as above directed.

Lyonnalse Potatoes.

Cut cold boiled potatoes into cubes, season with salt and pepper. Fry two tablespoonfuls chopped onions in an equal quantity of beef dripping or butter till light brown; then put in the potato and cook till it takes up the fat. Add some chopped parsley and serve. The flavor will be improved by a teaspoonful of vinegar.

Creamed Potatoes.

Cut four cold potatoes into cubes or slices, and put them, with a half cup of milk, into a pan or double boiler; cook till they have absorbed nearly all the milk. Add two tablespoonfuls butter, cook five minutes longer, and serve hot. You may add to the seasoning a little chopped parsley.

Mashed Potatoes

To four medium-sized potatoes, measure one tablespoonful butter, quarter teaspoonful salt, a sprinkle of pepper, eight tablespoonfuls milk, heated. Mash the hot potatoes in the saucepan in which they were boiled. Beat with a wire masher until light, and serve in a hot dish.

Brown Potato Balls.

Mash and season cold baked or boiled potatoes, or use cold mashed potatoes. Roll the potato mixture into balls, or pat into flat cakes. Place on a buttered tin, put a small piece of butter on top of each, and bake on the grate of a hot oven until golden-brown.

Surprise Balls.

Roll the potato balls as above, and with a teaspoon press a hollow in the top. Chop fine some cold, lean meat, season it with salt and pepper, and put one teaspoonful of the meat into the hollow of the potato ball. Put a little butter on the top of each ball, and brown in the oven on the grate.