How to Clean Hair Brushes.

Dissolve a little soda in warm water, and pour in a small amount of ammonia. Hold the brushes with the bristles downward, and avoid wetting the back as far as possible; shake until the grease is removed. Then rinse in cold water, and put in the air to dry.

How to Clean Hair.

Wash well with a mixture of soft water, 1 pint; sal-soda, 1 ounce; cream tartar, ╝ ounce.

How to Remove Stains front Linen..

Wet the part stained, and lay on it some salt of wormwood; then rub without diluting it with more water.

How to Remove Mildew front Cloth.

Put a teaspoonful of chloride of lime into a quart of water, strain it twice, then dip the mildewed places in this weak solution; lay in the sun. If the mildew has not disappeared when dry, repeat.

How to Cure Mosquito Bites.

Put 10 drops of refined carbolic acid into an ounce of rose water; shake well, and apply as needed. If you hold your breath when a mosquito has its bill in you it cannot withdraw it until you breathe again.

How to Remove Paint from Dress Goods.

When the color of a fabric has been destroyed by an acid, ammonia is applied to neutralize the same; after which an application of chloroform will, in almost all cases, restore the original color.

How to Color Dress Goods Red.

1 ounce of cochineal, 1 ounce of muriate of tin, and a little cream of tartar for each pound of goods, dissolved in enough water to cover them. Boil the goods in this dye 10 minutes. Hang up to dry.

How to Remove a Rusty Screw.

Apply a red hot iron to the head for a short time, the screwdriver being applied immediately while the screw-is hot.

How to Prevent Starch from Souring when Boiled.

Add a little sulphate of copper.

How To Get Rid Of Ants.

A little quicklime placed in the infested places will drive away any kind of ants.

Burning sulphur in a tightly-closed room will kill almost all kinds of insect life and their eggs and larvŠ.

How to Make Leather Waterproof.

Saturate it with castor oil; to stop shoes squeaking, drive a peg into the middle of the sole.

How to Wash Colored Calicoes.

Dissolve 5 cents' worth of sugar of lead in 3 to 4 quarts of pure water (rain-water is best), and, after the garments are washed and rinsed, let them be dipped in and wrung out; it sets the color and keeps it.

How to Remove Tar front Cloth.

Rub it well with turpentine, and every trace of tar will be removed.

How to Set the Color in Lawn.

Dissolve a half-pound of saltpetre in a pailful of water, and dip the lawn in it several times before washing.

How to Remove Egg Stains front Spoons.

Rub with common salt.

How to Remove the Stains of Fruit from the Hands.

Wash your hands in clear water, dry slightly, and while yet moist, strike a sulphur match and hold your hands around the flame. The stains will immediately disappear.

How to Clean Furniture.

Rub with cotton waste, dipped in boiled linseed oil; then rub clean and dry with a soft flannel cloth.

How to Test whether an Article is Gilt or Made of a Gold-colored Alloy.

A solution of bichloride of copper makes a brown spot on alloy, but produces no effect on a surface of gold.

How to Restore Gilt Frames.

Rub with a sponge moistened in turpentine.

How to Clean Gloves.

Pour a little benzine into a basin and wash the gloves in it, rubbing and squeezing them until clean. If much soiled, they must be washed through clean benzine, and rinsed in a fresh supply. Hang up in the air to dry.