Broiled Beefsteak.

Place the steak in a wire broiler; hold it over the fire, near the coals; count ten slowly, then turn it; continue to count ten and turn till the meat is done. From five to seven minutes will cook a steak an inch thick; eight to ten minutes if an inch and a half. Season with salt on both sides, but do not put butter on the steak. Serve at once on a hot platter.

Pan-Broiled Steak or Chops.

Buy tender meat. Trim off all the fat possible. Heat a frying-pan very hot, so that it hisses if a little water is dropped in. Lay in the meat, count ten, and turn; count and turn again, and so on until the meat is cooked. A steak or chops one inch thick will require from five to seven minutes. Season and serve in the same manner as broiled meats