Muslin dresses, even of the most delicate colors, can be cleaned in ten minutes or a quarter of an hour, without losing their color. Melt half a pound of soap in a gallon of water; empty this into a washing tub; place nearby two other large tubs of clean water, and stir in one a quart of bran. Put the muslin in the soap, turn it over, and knead it for a few minutes; squeeze it out well, and rinse for some minutes in the bran, and for two minutes more in clear water. Then hang between two lines. In the case of a colored pattern on a white ground do not use blue.

In starching colored muslins use white starch, made with boiling water. Dip the dress in this, and, after drying, rinse quickly in clean water. Sprinkle and roll, and afterwards iron with very hot irons.

For white muslins, lace curtains, etc., proceed as above, but use blue in the starch.

Morning cambric dresses may be cleaned in the same way as muslins, but may need some rubbing. Chintz may be cleaned in the same manner.

There are certain advantages in this process, which is so rapid that the colors have not time to run, the fabric is not rubbed or strained, and the work is done so quickly as greatly to reduce the labor involved.