In cooking cereals use plenty of water. Be careful to cook cereals thoroughly. Cereals should be cooked in a double boiler, to prevent scorching.

Avena or Rolled Oats.

Put one and one-half cups of boiling salted water into the top of a double boiler. Remove any black specks found in the oatmeal, and stir one-half cup of the meal into the water. Cover and cook from thirty minutes to one hour. Serve with milk or cream and sugar. Baked or steamed apples and other fruits are sometimes served with oatmeal-Scotch Oatmeal.—Pick over a cup of coarse oatmeal and put it, with one teaspoonful salt and five cups boiling water, into a two-quart covered boiler or pail. Set it on a stand in large kettle of boiling water and let it boil slowly all day or all night. This makes a jelly-like mass with a rich flavor. Do not stir, as stirring makes it ropy.


Pick over the wheat. Put it, with salt and six cups boiling water, into the top of a double boiler. It may cook from thirty minutes to two hours.

Cornmeal Mush.

Add salt to a cup of cornmeal and mix one cup cold water gradually to make a smooth paste. Pour it into a pint of boiling water and cook in a double boiler from three to five hours. Serve with milk or cream.

Cold mush may be cut in slices one-half inch thick and fried a delicate brown. Serve with syrup.


Take one-half cup of rice and pick out the specks. Wash and rub it with the hands in two or three waters to make it white. Then dry it in a clean cloth. Put it, with one and one-quarter cups boiling water and salt, into the top of a double boiler and cook from thirty minutes to one hour, until perfectly soft. If it becomes dry in cooking, add one tablespoonful hot water occasionally. A few raisins, seeded and cut into small pieces, may be cooked with the rice to flavor it. If the rice is cooked in milk instead of water, one and one-half cups hot milk to one-half cup rice will be a good proportion. When the rice is done, press it into small cups, let it cool two or three minutes, and turn the shapes out on a pretty dish. Serve hot with sugar and milk.

Boiled Hominy.

Soak over night; put in pot with two quarts water to a quart of hominy; boil slowly for three hours, or till soft. Drain in a colander, and stir in butter, pepper, and salt. There are two grades of hominy, the large and the small grained. The latter may be boiled till as thick as mush, and eaten as a breakfast dish with sugar and cream.

Fried Hominy.

Cut into slices cold boiled hominy, and fry in hot lard, or moisten with milk to a soft paste; add melted butter, and a beaten egg, and form into round cakes Dredge with flour and fry a light brown.