Boil chicken until tender (one year old is best), peel half dozen potatoes while it is stewing. To make the crust, take one quart of flour, one tablespoonful of baking powder, a little salt, half a teacupful of lard, and sufficient water to make a stiff dough; roll half the dough to the thickness of one-half an inch; cut in strips and line the dish. Put in half the chicken and half the potatoes; season with butter, pepper, and salt; dredge well with flour and put in some of the crust cut in small pieces. The other half of the chicken and potatoes put in with butter, salt, and pepper, and dredge with flour as before; roll out the rest of the dough for upper crust. Before putting on the cover fill the dish nearly full of boiling water, put in the oven immediately, and bake one hour.