Boiled Green Corn.

Test corn with finger nail. When the grain is pierced the milk should jet out, and not be thick. Strip off the outer leaves, turn back the inner covering, and pick off all the silk. Then replace the inner husks. Put into salted boiling water, and cook fast for from ten to twenty minutes, according to size and age of the ears. Cut the stalks off close to the cob, and send to table wrapped in a napkin.

Or the corn may be cut from the cob while hot, and seasoned with butter, salt, and pepper. Serve hot in a vegetable dish.

Green Corn Fritters.

Grate the corn; -use with each cupful an egg and a half and la tablespoonful milk or cream. Beat the egg, and gradually add the corn, still beating. Put a tablespoonful of melted butter to the pint of corn; stir in the milk, and thicken with a little flour. Salt to taste. Fry in hot lard, or cook on a griddle, like batter cakes.

Baked Corn.

To two cups of chopped corn (either fresh or canned) add two beaten eggs, one-half teaspoonful salt, speck of pepper, one tablespoonful melted butter, and' two cupfuls scalded milk. Bake in a buttered pudding dish until firm.

Corn Pudding.

Scrape or grate the corn from a dozen ears of tender green corn. Beat separately the whites and yolks of four eggs. Mix the corn and yolks, and stir hard while adding two tablespoonfuls of butter. Then add one quart of milk, a tablespoonful of sugar and a little salt and pepper, and lastly the whites of the eggs, stirring constantly. Bake slowly at first, covering the dish, for an hour. Then take off the cover and brown. This pudding can be made from canned corn in winter, by chopping the corn fine. It is a delicious accompaniment to a meat course.

Stewed Corn.

Shave corn off the ear; to three pints of corn add three tablespoonfuls of butter, pepper and salt to taste, and just enough water to cover; place in pan, cover and cook rather slow, from half hour to an hour, stirring often; just before it is done, add a half cup sweet cream thickened with a little flour.

Scalloped Corn.

Cut corn off the cob, put into baking dish a layer of corn, then a layer of breadcrumbs, sprinkle with salt, pepper and lumps of butter, then a layer of corn, putting corn on top with lumps of butter, and pour in cream or milk till quite moist. Bake thirty minutes.