Scrub, scrape off a thin skin, cut each parsnip into quarters lengthwise, and cook in boiling salted water, from thirty to forty minutes, until soft. Place in a dish and pour a white sauce over them, or serve with vinegar on the table. They may be buttered after boiling, placed in the oven and baked a golden brown.

Fried Parsnips

Wash and scrape parsnips, quarter and remove heart, cut in pieces about two inches long, salt and pepper. Mix butter and lard in frying-pan, put them in and fry till a nice brown.

Parsnip Balls.

Wash and boil in water with a little salt, cook till perfectly tender. When cold scrape off the skin, mash them, and for each cup of the mashed parsnips, add one-half cup breadcrumbs and one egg, salt and pepper. Flour the hands and make into balls, brown in hot butter, and serve very hot.