Green Peas.

Take fresh peas, hull them, put in pan in cold water for half an hour, and cook twenty or thirty minutes in small quantity of boiling water. Drain, season with pepper and salt and plenty of butter. Serve hot.

Boiled Peas or Beans.

Choose fresh, green peas or beans. Put them into a kettle with just enough boiling water to keep them from burning. Boil until they are soft. To one pint of the vegetables add one tablespoonful butter, a sprinkle of pepper, and a little salt, if necessary. Serve in a hot dish.

Dried Peas or Beans.

Pick them over and remove specks, pebbles, and faulty peas or beans. Soak in cold water a few hours or over night. Pour off the water, add fresh cold water, and set on the back of the stove to heat slowly, and simmer until soft. If desired to use as soup, they may be boiled until they fall to pieces and form a soft, pulpy mass. Split peas need to be soaked only half an hour before cooking.