Broiled Salmon.

Cut into slices an inch thick, and season with pepper and salt. Having buttered a sheet of white paper, lay each slice on a separate piece, and envelope them by twisting the ends. Broil gently over a clear fire, and serve with anchovy or caper sauce. When higher seasoning is required, add a few chopped herbs and a little spice.

Baked Salmon.

Clean, wipe dry, and rub with salt and pepper. Then lay the fish on a grating over your baking-pan, and roast or bake, basting at first with butter, and afterwards with its own drippings. If browning too fast, cover with a sheet of white paper until the whole is cooked. Then put in a hot covered dish, and add to the gravy a little hot water thickened with flour, a large spoonful of strained tomato sauce, and the juice of a lemon. Let this boil up, and serve in a sauce-boat. If you prefer, you can serve with cream sauce.

Canned Salmon.

Canned salmon may be served cold with any of the fish sauces. For a breakfast dish it may be heated, seasoned with salt and pepper and served on buttered toast, with a dressing of milk thickened with butter and flour poured over it.