Boiled Salmon Trout.

Clean, wash, and dry the fish. Wrap in a thin cloth, cover with salted water, and boil gently for half an hour, or longer for large fish. When done, remove the cloth and lay in a

hot dish. Pour over it cream sauce and serve. The cream sauce is made of a cup of cream, diluted with a few spoonfuls of hot water, stirring in two tablespoonfuls melted butter and some chopped parsley.

Fried Trout.

Brook trout are usually served fried. After cleaning and drying, roll in flour, and fry in butter, or butter and lard. Let the fat be hot, fry to a delicate brown, and serve instantly. Use no seasoning except salt. Lay on a hot napkin, to absorb any external grease, and range side by side in a heated dish.