Apple Dumplings (Boiled).

Make your crust of a quart of flour and a quarter pound of suet, with a teaspoonful each of salt and cream-of-tartar and half one of soda. Make into a tolerably thick paste with cold water.

Roll, cut into squares, and put into each a pared and cored apple. The hole left by the core may be filled with marmalade, or with sugar moistened with lemon juice. Close the paste over your apple, tie the dumplings in cloths, and boil for an hour.

Apple Dumplings (Baked).

Into one quart flour drop two tablespoonfuls of lard (or lard and butter mixed) and add two tea-spoonfuls cream-of-tartar. Then put in a teaspoonful of soda, and wet quickly with milk until stiff enough to roll into a paste half an inch thick. Cut into squares, lay in each a pared and cored tart apple, and close the paste around it. Lay in a buttered baking pan and bake till finely browned. Then brush with a beaten egg, and let glaze in the oven for a few minutes. Eat hot, with rich sweet sauce.