For this the fowls need not be as tender as for roasting. Clean, wash, and cut up, and place for half an hour in salt water. Then put into a pot, with half a pound of salt pork, and cover with cold water. Cover the pot, let them heat very slowly, and then stew for over an hour, or much longer if the chickens are tough. Take care to cook very slowly; rapid boiling toughens them. When tender add a small onion or two, some parsley and pepper. Cover again, bring to a boil, and stir in a cupful of milk, to which are added two beaten eggs and two tablespoonfuls of flour. Boil up, and add a large spoonful of butter. Place the chicken in a deep dish, pour the gravy over it, and serve. In all cases where beaten egg is added to a hot liquid, it is best first to drop a little into the egg, beating while doing so, to heat it gradually, and prevent it curdling, as it will if thrown suddenly into hot liquor.