Lemon Crackers.

Two and one-half cups soft sugar, one cup lard, one pint sweet milk, two eggs, five cents' worth baking ammonia, two cents' worth lemon oil. Dissolve ammonia in the milk, or in a little hot water, make dough as stiff as for pies, and roll very thin, cut with square cake cutter, prick with fork, and bake in hot oven.


To one pint rich milk add two ounces butter and one tablespoonful yeast, make it warm, and mix enough flour to make a light dough. Roll thin and cut in any shape desired, prick well with fork, and bake in slow oven, allowing to rise as they bake.

Chocolate Drops.

One-half cake grated chocolate, one pound sugar, four eggs, one lemon, one tablespoonful baking powder, one tablespoonful cinnamon, flour enough to roll, cut out, place on greased pan and bake.

Swiss Puffs.

Two eggs, beat light, a pinch of salt in flour enough to make stiff dough, take out small bits, roll very thin and cut in strips, twist and join the ends together. Fry in hot lard, lift with fork, and let drain. Sprinkle with pulverized sugar.

Cream Puffs.

Melt one-half cup butter in one cup boiling water, stir in one cup flour, take off stove and beat thoroughly and let it cool. Stir in three eggs, one at a time without beating, mix thoroughly and drop a heaping teaspoonful in greased pans, two or three inches apart, and bake in a moderate oven twenty-five or thirty minutes, or until done; if not done they will fall. When cold cut open near the top and fill with custard cream. Cream:—Two-thirds pint sweet milk, four tablespoonfuls sugar, one egg, two tablespoonfuls flour, wet in a little milk. Mix all together and boil until it thickens, add one teaspoonful vanilla, and Jet cool a little, then fill puffs.

Hickorynut Snaps.

Three cups chopped nuts, one pound sugar, one teaspoonful cinnamon, three eggs, one tablespoonful baking powder, two cups flour. Mix well, drop from teaspoon 011 greased pan, and bake a light brown.

Tea Cake.

Two well-beaten eggs, two cups sugar, two-thirds cup butter, one teaspoonful flavoring, five pints flour, with two heaping teaspoonfuls baking powder, mixed into it. Mix thoroughly and add one-half cup sweet milk, or one cup sour cream, beaten to a foam with soda. Take upon the bread board and mix stiff. Bake in hot oven.