Broiled Ham.

Cut in slices, soak well in scalding water, wipe dry, and lay in cold water for five minutes. Wipe again, and broil over a clear fire. Pepper before serving. To fry ham, prepare as for broiling, and cook in a hot frying-pan, turning often. Serve with or without the gravy.

Baked Ham.

Boil a ten pound ham in water enough to cover, to this add two pounds of brown sugar. Boil three hours, then skim. Mix a tablespoonful of dry mustard and one of sugar, sprinkle over the fat side, and bake from three quarters to one hour.

Devilled Ham.

Take cold roast ham; chop fine; make a dressing of pepper, mustard, and vinegar; mix thoroughly with the ham. This is very suitable for sandwiches.

Broiled Ham and Bacon.

Cut ham into half-inch slices, or thinner. Trim off the outside skin. Broil in a hot dry pan or over the coals, until it is a delicate brown in color, turning it frequently. When done serve on a hot platter.

To cook bacon, cut it into very thin slices and broil it a few minutes in a hot pan or over a clear fire, turning it very often. It should be of a delicate golden-brown color when done. Serve on a hot platter.