A Formal Breakfast or Luncheon

Bouillon in Cups.               Wafers

Sweetbreads.                      Rolls.

Broiled Chicken, Cream Sauce.


Tomatoes, Mayonnaise Dressing

Thin Bread and Butter.

Charlotte Russe in Molds.


A Wedding Breakfast.

Grape Fruit.

Corn Fritters.

Dumplings stuffed with Cheese,

Cream Sauce.


Mayonnaise of Tomatoes.

Toasted Bread Fingers. Ice Cream                 Sponge Cake.


A Formal Dinner.

Oysters on the Half Shell. Horseradish Sauce.            Wafers.

Clear Lintel Soup.           Croutons.

Olives.         Radishes.         Celery.

Boiled Cod Shoulder and Head.

Fish Sauce.                Potato Balls.

Cucumbers with French Dressing.

Roast Chicken with Chestnut Stuffing.

Cranberry Sauce.         Rice Croquettes

Mint Sherbet.

Roast Small Birds, Sippets of Bread

Guava Jelly.

Lettuce Salad with French Dressing

Charlotte Russe.

Wafers.                        Cheese.