Practical Directions:

Remove the bones from a rib roast and skewer the meat into a round shape; dredge with flour and set on a rack in dripping pan, into a hot oven. When the outside of the meat is seared over, add a little drippings melted in hot water; reduce the temperature of the oven and bake, (weight from six to eight pounds) from sixty to ninety minutes. Baste often with the drippings in the pan and dredge with flour alter each basting; add salt to the flour when half cooked. When cooled substitute silver skewers for those used in the oven. Garnish with a stem of watercress and surround with Riced Potatoes. Pass through a ricer about eight hot boiled potatoes; add three tablespoonfuls of butter, half a teaspoonful of salt, and about half a cup of hot milk or cream, beat thoroughly with perforated cake spoon, and pass through the ricer, or vegetable press, around the meat.