Ham Sandwiches.

Four pounds of ham chopped fine. Dressing : Yolks of four eggs. four tablespoonfuls of vinegar, one small teaspoonful of mustard, one-half teaspoonful of black pepper, juice of one lemon, a little cayenne pepper if desired. Cook until thick; mix with ham and spread between slices of buttered bread.

Dried Beef Sandwiches.

Chop dried beef fine, removing all stringy pieces. Spread between thin slices of buttered bread. These are much easier to digest than ham sandwiches.

Tongue Sandwiches

Wash the tongue and soak over night in salt water, put on in cold water, boil until tender, take out, remove skin while warm, when cold chop fine. Make a dressing as follows : Yolks of four eggs, four tablespoonfuls vinegar, one small teaspoonful of mustard, one-half teaspoonful pepper, juice of one lemon; cook until thick and mix with chopped tongue, and spread between slices of buttered bread.

Salmon Sandwiches.

One can of salmon chopped fine, one cup bread crumbs, one egg, one tablespoonful of melted butter; season with salt and pepper; mix well, and put in two greased one-pound baking powder cans, with lids on; boil one and a half hours, then take out of cans and brown in the oven. When cold, slice thin and place between slices of bread.

Oyster Sandwiches.

Take a pint of raw oysters and chop them very fine. Add salt and pepper. Put them in the chafing dish with a teaspoonful of butter and three tablespoonfuls of dry biscuit crumbs; after cooking for five minutes they are ready to make up into sandwiches.

Cucumber Sandwiches.

Slice cucumbers thin and place in salt water on ice until ready to use. Butter sparingly thin slices of wheat bread; roil the cucumbers in Mayonnaise dressing and place between two slices of bread.

Lettuce Sandwiches.

Slice thin nice homemade bread, at least one day old, spread thin with good butter; cut in desired shape, dip lettuce leaf in Mayonnaise dressing and lay between.