An equal quantity of fresh spirits of vitriol and lemon-juice being mixed in a bottle, shake it well; wet the spots, and in a few minutes rub with soft linen till they disappear.

Marble can be nicely cleaned in the following manner : Pulverize a little bluestone, and mix with four ounces of whiting; add to these four ounces of soft soap and one ounce of soda, dissolved in a very little water. Boil this preparation over a slow fire fifteen minutes, stirring all the time. Lay it on the marble while hot with a clean brush. Let it remain half an hour; then wash off in clean suds, wipe dry, and polish by quick rubbing. If marble is smoked or soiled, either by bituminous coal or too free use of kindling wood, Spanish whiting with a piece of washing soda, rubbed together and wet with only enough water to moisten and make them into a paste, will remove the grease and smoke. Dip a piece of flannel in this preparation and rub the spots while the paste is quite moist. Leave the paste on for hours, and, if need be, remove it and renew with fresh paste. When the spots disappear, wash the place with clean hot soapsuds, wipe dry, and polish with chamois skin.