Venison Cutlets.

Trim your cutlets nicely, using the trimmings to make gravy, in the proportion of half a pound to a cup of water. Put in bones, fat, etc., and let stew in a saucepan while you prepare the cutlets. When the gravy has stewed an hour, strain and let it cool.

Lay the cutlets in a saucepan, with a little onion to each. Also a little minced thyme and parsley, pepper, and very little nutmeg. When all ready, pour in your warm gravy. Stew twenty minutes. Then lay the cutlets in a frying-pan, and fry quickly for five minutes, turning frequently. Lay in a chafing-dish, pour in the gravy, having added to it a little sauce, currant jelly, half a glass of wine, and flour thickening. Let all stand in hot place five minutes before serving.

Roast Venison.

Wash and dry with a cloth. Butter a sheet of white paper and put over the fat. Put in roasting pan with a little boiling water. Cover closely; cook in a moderately hot oven for two or three hours. Baste occasionally. Twenty minutes before it is done quicken the fire, remove lid and paper, dredge with flour, butter, salt and pepper. Return to oven and brown. Make a gravy from its own drippings, having first removed the fat. Have meat platter very hot for venison and serve with currant jelly.