Two cups powdered sugar.

One cup good butter..

Five eggs.

One cup milk.

Two teaspoonful baking powder.

Two teaspoonful vanilla.

Three and one-half cupsful flour.

Rub the butter and sugar to a cream, add the eggs one at a time and cream in, add the milk and flavoring, mixing in fully, sift the baking powder and flour together and mix in lightly but thoroughly, bake in square pans that have been well greased and dusted with flour, and the loose flour knocked out. When cold put together with the following filling:

Filling For Orange Layer Cake

Whites of two eggs.

One cup powdered sugar.

One Orange.

Three eggs.

Two teaspoonful vanilla.

Grate the orange rind and all, take out the seeds if there are any, put the sugar in a pan add two table spoonsful water and let boil until it threads from the spoon, beat the eggs up very stiff, pour the boiled sugar into them mixing all the time, then put in the grated orange a little at a time whipping it in, spread between and on top the layers.