Break the eggs then put a handful sugar on them, then commence beating, then keep adding a little sugar at a time until all is whipped in, this makes a nice smooth icing.

The eggs should always be cold and the platter on which they are beaten should be cold.

How To Ice Cake

Take a long broad knife to spread it with, and put on two coats, let the first be put on thin and only to fill up the holes and rough places, let this harden a little then put on the last coat, wet the knife occasionally to make it smooth.

If the icing is too soft and wants to run whip in more sugar.

A little lemon juice, salt, soda, or tartaric acid added to eggs before commencing to beat, will make them beat easier and some whiter.

If you wish to ornament save out part of the icing and when the icing on the cake is hard you can color it to suit yourself and ice as you desire.

Always set the cake after icing in the warmer or in front of the oven with the door open as soon as iced this will dry the icing.